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360° Monetization Solution

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Display Advertising

  • Choose from multiple available ad formats; from IAB standards to highly effective Rich Media formats
  • Vast amount of direct offers
  • Powerful AdServer with robust optimization and prediction algorithm for better performance and higher revenues


  • Premium eCPM rates
  • 100% fill rate
  • Professional support in your language
  • Easy sign up process and convenient real time reporting

    Affiliation Model

    • Write game reviews and promote individual gaming titles on your website on CPA/CPL/CPO models
    • Large variety of the most popular gaming offers available in many genres (AAA, free-to-play, FPS, Casual etc.)


    • Big variety of highly converting categories
    • Simple sign up process and real time reporting
    • Highest payouts and dedicated budgets available
    • Exclusive gaming titles
    • Convenient and easy self serve platform


      • Promote the best and hottest gaming titles on your website
      • Large portfolio of titles from our direct advertisers


      • Frequent branding campaigns for top gaming websites with Tier 1 traffic (US/UK/EU)
      • High CPM rates and budgets for each website for qualifying partners
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        High Impact Formats

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        Native Gaming Widget

        Keep the users on your website, reduce bounce rates and earn additional revenue on existing traffic with our fully customizable widgets.

        ad2games offers a gaming widget that is fully customizable to the look and feel of your website – it’s simply a great additional revenue stream on existing traffic.

        Our widget identifies the semantics of the page and matches with most relevant gaming ads. See Demo


        • Reduced bounce rate of users
        • Higher rate of monetized impressions
        • Better user experience than standard ads
        • Simply more revenue in your pocket


          • One of the best yielding formats for content gaming sites – very high eCPMs!
          • High interactivity with users
          • Unobtrusive to users with low frequency cap of 1/24 hr
          • The highest CTRs and lowest bounce rates
          • Amazing additional revenue stream


            • Highly effective ad format with incredible conversion rates and earning potential
            • One of the best yielding formats for content gaming sites
            • Offered in both dedicated branding and rotating performance campaigns
            • High interactivity with users
            • Wide variety of games that will easily match your website audience
            • High CTRs and lowest bounce rates
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