New prospects in pay-to-play marketing: ad2games leading with new Behavioural Targeting Product Audience Enhancement

CPO marketing for all digital products – additional success regarding the sale of premium products

Berlin, February 10th, 2017 – In digital marketing, ad2games, one of the fastest growing marketing specialists in the German games industry, creates new opportunities for game publishers: with their product Audience Enhancement, ad2games allows publishers to use various new possibilities when it comes to programmatic campaigns and behavioural targeting. This shows significantly increased success rates for pay-to-play products.

“Our Audience Enhancement technology is based on the Cost per Sale model and is thus as efficient as it can be. In combination with our also in-house developed Customer Lifetime Value optimisation technology, we create really targeted advertising, offering publishers a maximum ROI and an optimised way of spending money”, explains ad2games CEO Albert Schwarzmeier.

Audience Enhancement campaigns combine programmatic media buying with a user-centric approach. ad2games finds the most relevant users where and when they are ready to take action and drives them down the purchasing funnel.

“Because of the CPO (Cost per Order) base, our product is especially attractive for premium products, ranging from pay to play games via DLCs and bundles to premium packages. Of course, Audience Enhancement also offers significant increases for publishers of free-to-play games. We are working on further expansions tailored for free-to-play”, adds Schwarzmeier.

ad2games’ Audience Enhancement allows success increases of up to 50% when compared to regular programmatic campaigns. Thanks to a recent Audience Enhancement campaign by ad2games, publisher Kakao Games achieved six digit sales of premium packages for their successful MMO Black Desert Online within three campaign weeks. In Q4 of 2016 and in Q1 of 2017, Kakao Games has strengthened its cooperation with ad2games and is continuously investing more marketing budgets in Audience Enhancement: “ad2games was one of our best performing marketing partners. Especially their programmatic approach with Audience Enhancement has contributed to the tremendous success of Black Desert Online‘. They have added activities to our marketing mix no one else could offer”, states Rick van Beem, Marketing & PR Manager at publisher Kakao Games.

Also, publisher Sandbox Interactive reports of a successful campaign for Albion Online. In addition to offering their Audience Enhancement services, ad2games supported with creating landing pages and banners, as well as intensively marketing consulting on selecting relevant geo targets. The global campaign delivered exceptional results, selling thousands of differently priced premium packages. In highly competitive territories like the US and France, costs per sale reached between 30% and 50% of the order value. In Russia and Brazil these values even dropped to just 15% to 30%.

“With audience-centric campaigns, we do not only generate sales, but also provide valuable data which is used for in-flight performance optimisation, as well as for future marketing decisions made by our clients”, states Or Perlman, Director of Product Innovation at ad2games. “Our Clients get insights into their customers’ habits and tendencies, which in return can be used to increase future yield from their premium products.

In addition to all direct sales, ad2games campaigns create increased interest in the advertised products: for ‘Rainbow Six – Siege’, conversions have increased by 180 % and clicks by 250 %. At the same time, costs per acquired user have decreased by 60 % thanks to the enhanced targeting. As part of a programmatic video campaign for ‘Far Cry Primal’ both, views and clicks, have increased by more than 150 %.

Together with programmatic Cost per Sale campaigns, ad2games offers publishers intensive campaign planning and lifetime optimisation consulting, generating all round marketing packages even for short campaigns.

ad2games is specialised in marketing pay-to-play and free-to-play games for PC and consoles. Based on in-house developed, unique solutions and technologies, ad2games offers tailored and measurable branding campaigns, helping to increase the clients’ direct revenue and winning loyal players for their products. More than 150 international games industry clients, such as Kakao Games, Innogames, Gameforge, Youzu or Wargaming, trust in ad2games’ products and services.