The Global PC/MMO Market 2013-2017

  • In 2017 PC/MMO will make up 31% of Global Games Market Revenues
  • Eastern Europe, Latin America & Asia account for 95% of growth
  • Strong regional variation in average cost of acquired users ($0.37 – $5.63)

Berlin/Amsterdam/Busan – November 18, 2014 – Online games ad-tech platform ad2games and market research expert Newzoo are publishing a new market analysis in time for the G-Star 2014 trade show in Busan, South Korea. The analysis reveals the expected growth of the PC/MMO segment until 2017 and the average costs of user acquisition across the globe. Both ad2games (Booth S47) and Newzoo (Booth LO1) are exhibiting at G-Star (November 20 – 22).
Johannes Rolf, CMO and Managing Director of ad2games comments: “The games industry continues to be extremely dynamic. It is crucial to understand current and future developments, especially around user acquisition. With the market research specialists from Newzoo we are able to provide key insights that show what is currently happening and how things will develop in the years to come.”

Newzoo CEO Peter Warman adds: “PC Gaming has always led the games market in terms of innovation and will continue to do so. No other platform meets the increasing desire of consumers to create and share content this well. Obvious evidence of this is the uptake of eSports in the West and the popularity of consumer-generated video. Free-to-play PC games have lowered entry barriers, increased gamer numbers significantly and facilitated globalization. But free-to-play as an industry term is set to vanish; hybrid business models will become the norm. With the knowledge of acquisition experts ad2games, we want to emphasize the strength of PC gaming at a time when a lot of press and analyst focus has shifted completely to mobile.”

The key findings of the analysis are illustrated in the infographic “The Global PC/MMO Market”. The graphic visualizes the rapid developments of the online gaming market in the six most important regions and gives key predictions for the upcoming years.

Key developments from 2013 – 2017:

  • The PC/MMO online games market will grow 7.9% each year (CAGR = Compound Annual Growth Rate): the highest growth outside of mobile.
  • By 2017, the PC/MMO online games market will reach $30.7 billion, accounting for 31% of total global games market revenues.
  • This growth is fuelled by the continued rise of free-to-play games, growing 12% annually.
  • Eastern Europe, Latin America and Asia-Pacific will account for 95% of the growth in the PC/MMO market between 2013-2017.
  • Pay-to-play online games will decrease slowly in market share by 0.9% annually.

Key findings for 2014:

  • Asia-Pacific shows by far the largest overall revenues in 2014 with $14.19 billion, accounting for 58% of the total.
  • MMO games generate 70% of global PC/MMO revenues, totalling $17 billion, with 85% of that free-to-play.
  • Eastern Europe shows the fastest growth of free-to-play, with a CAGR of 17.4%.
  • The average cost per loyal acquired player is highest in Korea and Japan (Browser: $4.38, Client: $5.63) and lowest in Latin America (Browser: $0.36, Client: $0.86).
  • The average cost per acquired player is generally higher for client games than it is for browser games.
  • Asia-Pacific shows the largest regional differences in user acquisition costs (Browser: $0.62, Client: $1.50 in South-East Asia – Browser: $4.38, Client: $5.63 in Korea and Japan).
  • eSports cause strong disruption in the market: 210 million players in the US & EU are aware of eSports (40% of total gamers); 35 million occasionally view eSports (6.7% of total gamers); 26 million are eSports enthusiasts (5% of total gamers).

The infographic is included in full above (please click to enlarge).
You can also download the full-size pdf by clicking here.