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Internet World and TactixX 2015

On March 24 ad2games took a trip south for the Internet World & TactixX Congress in beautiful Munich. TactixX was part of the overarching Internet World tradeshow. While TaxtixX ran with the slogan “Connecting Affiliate & Display”, Internet World is mainly focused on E-Commerce.

Besides networking, and getting some fun gadgets, we also listened to a number of interesting talks of industry leaders. Below are a few of the main insights:

– Go deeper than just a last click: We’re all competing for the last click. To succeed, everyone (networks, publishers, advertisers) needs to understand that a multi attribution is much more accurate in tracking the customer journey and it’s path to conversion giving respective weight to each party involved leading to the actual conversion.

– Away from a pull and towards a push strategy: Retargeting isn’t enough by itself. It limits the basket of targeted users. It is much more beneficial to use prospecting techniques in order to identify and unveil new prospects. Third party data was mentioned a few times as questionable regarding the quality of their database and profiles.

– Multi device matters: The browsing behaviour of each person varies on different devices. Ad formats vary widely as we all know. That means that implementing cross device advertising strategies is mandatory to be prepared for the future. Even now 50% of all fashion purchases are made through mobile devices.

– Performance display: Affilinet and zanox grew 12% last year. That shows that there’s great potential in this space, with telco and travel being the top publishers. Banner usually shows a low conversion rate and works through smart targeting only. Due to its branding effects, scale and reach data driven marketing is on the rise – targeting the right user with the right product at the right time.

Ready for the future?! Yes, we are! With ad2games we are innovation leaders and so is our technology. Only recently we started implementing an advanced profiling technology ,that allows us to analyze converting audience (e.g. male, between 30-45 yrs, fashion and outdoor interests) and then identify these users on the world wide web. Through this highly targeted performance marketing approach, the advertising spend is lowered significantly with a much higher likelihood of success. ‘Cause Conversion is King!

– Farina Schurzfeld, Head of International Advertiser Relations