• Apr.03.17|
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ad2games & nevaly Celebrate Another Successful Year



Berlin, April 3rd, 2017  On Friday 24th March 2017 the Berlin office of ad2games and nevaly celebrated the great results from 2016. Last year was the best year in the history of both companies! “Thanks to our amazing team we had experienced a very successful year, growing our product portfolio and establishing global reach, and we are very excited to see what 2017 brings.” Albert Schwarzmeier, CEO of ad2games, explains.

The team started out at the trampoline house, where everyone could show their acrobatic and sports skills on one of the 100 trampolines.

“My favourite part of the jump house was the fighting pit where two people stood on a beam and fought with foam sticks – with the loser being tossed into the pit!” states Thomas Wong-Cropper from the ad2games team.

After two hours of jumping, the team attended a cooking class. According to many, the tiramisu turned out the best!

Cooking was a great way to bond and get to know each other better. The dinner was a huge success, with delicious food from different cultures reflecting our international spirit!

The ending to the day was a party where the team could dance, drink and relax together after a day full of adventures. It was a perfect way to celebrate the successful year.